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Baltic Ski (Nationally Aired on ABC 2017)

Tom Wallisch and the Good Company crew explore Finland and Sweden. They rely on public transportation and their creativity to turn the city into an urban ski playground. Along the way, they find time to explore some of the coolest and craziest cultural activities. They set out to prove that its possible to ski anywhere there’s snow and you don’t need big mountains to have a good time skiing. The Good Company crew once again show that the best part of skiing is the unforgettable memories you create along the way!

Good Company: One (2015)

Description: Tom Wallisch, X-games gold medalist, has teamed up with friends from all over the world to create something incredible. Based around the simple concept of good friends traveling and skiing together, "Good Company" brings you amazing ski action in an entirely new format.


The Wallisch Project (2013)

The concept is simple, almost 8 minutes of the type of premium action you come to expect from Wallisch from locations around the globe.